Christmas Season Stuff

6 Days Left Until Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

6 Days Left Until Christmas 2014

At The North Pole:

The North Pole sends out millions of Christmas cards each year, and the designs are unique and special, because the North Pole has elves who are talented artists, and they make the most special Christmas cards you can find anywhere around the world!  Yes, they compete with Hallmark and other companies, but their Christmas cards are the best!

Christmas Song:

Here Come Santa Claus, Christmas is less than a week away!  Enjoy this classic from Gene Autry.

Adult Gift Idea:


Adults will have an easier time doing construction and building work with this Magnetic Wristband.  Find at:

Child Gift Idea:


Kids/teens will love this Instant Print And Share Camera, print photos instantly, and share them on social media instantly too!  Find at:

Christmas Charity:


World Vision makes sure no child goes hungry around the world!  Learn more and donate at:

Local Small Business To Support:


Mata’s Greek Pizza & Grinders, home to great pizza and more!  Learn more at:

Christmas Bible Verse: Romans 6:23

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

My Christmas Wish:

My only Christmas wish for 2014 is a job or career. If you know of something e-mail me at [email protected]. View my visual resume and video resume below!

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