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Watch The New Fine Bros. TV Show React To That On Nickelodeon


Yep!  The YouTube channel TheFineBros has a show coming to TV!  And if you are familiar with what they do on their YouTube channel, the show will be something like that.  The new show is called React To That.  And it will feature kids, teens, YouTube personalities, celebrities, and more reacting to the weirdest, funniest, and interesting videos found on the internet.  But, reacting will not be the only thing happening!  The kids and teens will also do challenges and games based on the videos they watch on an episode.

Each episode will feature over 12 videos being reacted too.  And it will not only be viral videos, there will also be videos from many YouTube channels!  If you love YouTube, and the YouTube community, this will be a show that you need to watch!  Let’s hope React To That becomes a hit.  Because it will give other YouTube creators a chance to shine on their own TV shows.  TV networks have been giving YouTube people like Kid President, Daym Drops, Epic Meal Time, and others great exposure with their own TV shows.  Now, it’s The Fine Bros. turn!

React To That premieres on Monday December 15th at 5 pm Central on Nickelodeon.  And they will premiere a new episode every weeknight at 5 pm Central until the end of the year!  Watch The Fine Bros. talk about the show in one of their videos below!  Too bad Cable One here in Anniston has axed Nickelodeon and the other Viacom channels, I will have to catch React To That somewhere on the internet!

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