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Sunday Discussion: Generations React To Gun Control In America

Time for Sunday Discussion, on a Monday!  So, with these latest shootings, the whole gun control debate in America has heated up to extreme levels.  You have people on both sides of […]

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Watch The New Fine Brothers Show Six Degrees Of Everything On TruTV

I am involved with the YouTube community, so when someone from YouTube is about to premiere a new TV show, I talk about it!  And starting tonight on TruTV, The Fine Brothers […]

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Watch The Fine Brothers New Show Called Adults React

The YouTube channel Fine Brothers Entertainment has done some great things with their react series, and you knew this was coming, adults reacting to stuff!  So Adults React is now here, and episode one […]

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Watch This Video Showing Kids Reacting To A VCR

Man, most of us feel old!  I remember when I was very young and going to the movie store to rent VHS tapes to play on the VCR.  Today, you just press […]

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Watch The New Fine Bros. TV Show React To That On Nickelodeon

Yep!  The YouTube channel TheFineBros has a show coming to TV!  And if you are familiar with what they do on their YouTube channel, the show will be something like that.  The new show […]

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