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Come And Enjoy The Glencoe First Baptist Church Christmas Light Show

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Yep, Christmas is right around the corner.  And this will be the first post in many of featuring Christmas themed posts.  The first Christmas themed post will talk about what the Glencoe First Baptist Church does each Christmas season.  They deck out their entire church in a bunch of Christmas lights.  Then they sync the lights into an awesome Christmas light show.  Here are two videos showing their Christmas light show from years past.

This year, the 5th annual Glencoe FBC Christmas Light Show kicks off on Sunday November 30th.  To kick off the light show, the church will hold the Snowflake Festival from 4-6 pm on Sunday November 30th.  The festival will have free food, games, a photo booth, and much more.  Then, the light show kicks off at 6 pm.  And the best part is the light show is free, just drive up, tune your radio to the radio station they have listed on the signs, and enjoy!

The lights will run from November 30th to December 31st from 5-10 PM Sunday – Thursday and 5 pm to 12 am midnight on Friday and Saturday Nights.  And on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights in December starting on Sunday December 7th, they will have a free drive thru hot chocolate stand.  Simply drive under their awning and they will hand everyone in your car a free cup of hot chocolate!  Hot chocolate and viewing a great light show, that should be awesome!

Every year they strive to make the show better and over the past five years, it has increased in technical complexity.  They started out with incandescent mini lights, like you would find on any old Christmas tree. However, three years ago they bought their first smart set of LED lights and have began to convert the show over to smart LEDs also known as pixels.  The “smart” LEDs allow them to control each individual bulb and change it to any color or brightness. In fact, this year they will have over 20,000 of the smart pixels as well as hundreds of thousands of traditional Christmas lights.

It takes a team of approximately 20 people, starting in October to construct the display, however planning began in August.  They put in all of their time and resources because they love to see everyone come out and enjoy the lights. They hope it serves as a reminder to everyone of the true meaning of Christmas.  You can find the First Baptist Church of Glencoe on US 431 in Glencoe at the traffic light intersection of College St.

Learn more about the FBC of Glencoe Christmas Light Show at:

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