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Pictures And Video From The Glencoe First Baptist Church Christmas Light Show 2016

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For years now, the First Baptist Church of Glencoe puts on a massive Christmas light show in front of their church.  It takes a team of approximately 20 people, starting in October to construct the display, however planning began in August. They put in all of their time and resources because they love to see everyone come out and enjoy the lights. They hope it serves as a reminder to them of the true meaning of Christmas.

Until December 31st and from 5-10 pm, come and enjoy a great light show with the radio in your car tuned to 90.5 FM.  You can find the First Baptist Church of Glencoe on US 431 in Glencoe at the traffic light intersection of College St.  Learn more about the FBC of Glencoe Christmas Light Show at:

Here is a video and pictures I shot from the light show, enjoy!

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