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Good News Fridays: Obese To Beast Loose Skin Video

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It’s a fact, when a person loses a lot of weight, they will have loose skin left behind from where their fat was stored.  Youtube channel ObesetoBeast, and John David Glaude, used to weigh over 300 pounds, and now he has lost over 160 pounds.  The video below features the extra skin left behind after extreme weight loss.  And yes, the skin is stretched out in spots, especially around the belly area.  He wanted to make this video for everyone that struggles with loose skin, and for everyone who might be worried about loose skin.  Sure, extra skin might not look that appealing, but his health would have been worse keeping that extra weight on him.

So below, see the extra skin left behind from weight loss from John David Glaude.  And remember, you look beautiful in your own skin!

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