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Music Thursdays: The Ultimate Halloween Playlist

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On this Music Thursdays, I am going to re-share a post I wrote a few years ago, but remains popular on Geek Alabama today!  We are now getting into the Halloween spirit around here.  So in this Halloween themed post, let’s tell the story of ten Halloween songs that have become entrenched every Halloween.

“Zombie” – The Cranberries

If you first listen to this song; you at first do not think it has anything related to Halloween.  But we all now how huge the zombie craze is right now like The Walking Dead.  This song was written over the political unrest between Northern Ireland and Ireland.  A clash between the Protestant and Catholic sects.  If the war continued the view was the entire landscape would become heartless zombies.

 “Dragula” – Rob Zombie

This video shows Rob Zombie dressed as a you guessed it; a zombie!  This is a fast paced video showing many spooky Halloween scenes.  Who does not like a rock song featuring many of your favorite Halloween characters like ware wolves, vampires and even Frankenstein.

“Somebody’s Watching Me” – Rockwell

This Spooky video features an average guy living a normal life.  But wait, are scary creatures watching him?  Zombies, witches, dead bodies, and blood in the shower.  Does not get any spookier than that.

“Werewolves of London” – Warren Zevon

This classic song has a lot of wolf howls.  Ware wolves play a major theme in this song as you think they exist when you listen to this song.  All of the wolf howls can make you believe that.

“I Put A Spell On You” – Screamin Jay Hawkins

This video starts as a guy looks like he is putting a voo-doo curse on somebody.  Throughout the song he has this weird laugh and acts a little crazy as well.  Yes you did put a spell on me.

“Superstition” – Stevie Wonder

We all know the superstitions we have like the number 13, walking under ladders, broken glass, seven years of bad luck.  This funky video can give you the chills thinking you will get bad luck.

“Runnin With The Devil” – Van Halen

What is Halloween without a visit from the Devil?  The chilling sound at the beginning of the song should give you the chills that the Devil is near.  Just hope that if you see the Devil that you start running.

Ghostbusters, Addams Family, The Munsters theme songs

You can not go wrong with Halloween theme songs from TV and the movies.  There has not been a genuine Halloween theme TV show in a long time so whenever you hear or see The Addams Family or The Munsters; you know its Halloween.  And the best movie reference to Halloween; Ghostbusters.  Who can get enough of that song!

“Monster Mash” – Bobby Boris Pickett

One of the classic Halloween songs.  Who knew that monsters can have a party of their own.  All of the Halloween favorites having a party in an old castle.  It certainly looks like they had a good time.

“Thriller” – Michael Jackson

The one music video that everybody knows.  Who does not love all those zombies dancing moves by Michael Jackson.  This is the one that everybody knows all the dance moves to the video.  You can not wait to relive your memories of this song every year as Halloween gets closer.

So, is there a Halloween song that you love that is not on this list?  Leave a comment below!

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