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Play The Monopoly Game At McDonald’s / McDonald’s Our Food Your Questions


From now until October 27th, McDonald’s is running the very popular Monopoly game!  Every time you visit a McDonald’s, you can get Monopoly pieces when you order certain items.  The items with Monopoly pieces includes the Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, Premium McWrap, Filet-O-Fish, McCafe drinks, medium drink, and a large french fry.  You get extra Monopoly pieces when you order a large french fry.

The prizes are great this year!  You could win a million dollars, Cessna private jet trip, smartphone, Target shopping experience, Shell fuel for a year, and other money amounts!  So far, I have been collecting the pieces when I go to McDonald’s.  Here is my progress!


And, I have won a few food freebies like a medium fries, breakfast sandwich, and 50 My Coke points, awesome!


So, you have until October 27th, or when supplies last, to get into the game!  Want to learn more about the game, go to:

Also, McDonald’s is starting a new video series modeled after the video series McDonald’s Canada has done.  There are many questions about the food from McDonald’s.  So McDonald’s has hired Grant Imahara formally from Mythbusters, and he will be going to the suppliers of McDonald’s to show you how the food is made and processed.  The first video in the Our Food Your Questions series features the question, is McDonald’s beef real?  Watch as Grant goes to Cargill, one of their U.S. beef suppliers.

Learn more about Our Food Your Questions at:

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