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Good News Fridays: Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation

As you know, Grant Imahara passed away earlier this year, and now a foundation in his honor has been created. The Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Grant’s […]

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Who On TableTop Has The Guts And Food To Survive Zombies In The Dead Of Winter

Has this ever happened on TableTop before?  Everyone loses and the game wins?  I mean, Wil Wheaton was so close to winning, but had no food to win the game.  For starters, […]

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Sunday Discussion: My Steps To Turn Around And Fix McDonald’s

If you have not heard the news, McDonald’s is in really deep trouble!  They are in so much trouble, they actually had Ronald McDonald appear in the Anniston Christmas parade! McDonald’s sales […]

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Want To Know What’s In A McRib, McDonald’s Has The Answer

Each year, McDonald’s brings out the McRib, as a limited time promotion.  Last year, a photo showing what the McRib looks like while it’s frozen went viral on the web. McDonald's Mcrib […]

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Play The Monopoly Game At McDonald’s / McDonald’s Our Food Your Questions

From now until October 27th, McDonald’s is running the very popular Monopoly game!  Every time you visit a McDonald’s, you can get Monopoly pieces when you order certain items.  The items with […]

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Catch The 15th Season Premiere Of MythBusters Tonight

A show of hands, who thought the Discovery Channel show MythBusters would last 15 seasons?  MythBusters is hosted by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, along with Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara. […]

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The Mythbusters Star Wars Special Airs This Saturday

Mythbusters is about to premiere the 11th season this Saturday night, and here are some interesting statistics.  Over the past 11 years, the team has tested 925 myths, filmed over 7600 hours, created […]

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TV Reviews: Mythbusters 10th Anniversary / Swamp’d on Animal Planet

On this edition of Geek Alabama TV Reviews.  I will dive into the 10th anniversary of the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters and talk about the Animal Planet Show Swamp’d!  Let’s get started! […]

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