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Roadscapes Wednesday: Tribute Video To Captain Herb Emory

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Earlier this year, a popular figure in Atlanta Metro Traffic passed away, after suffering a heart attack.  Captain Herb Emory worked at WSB Radio delivering the traffic reports to the millions of people living in Atlanta.  And helping them avoid the traffic jams to get to home or work faster.  Herb Emory died while helping out victims in a traffic accident, when he went into action, he suffered a heart attack and soon after died.  During his career, he was in the skies in the WSB helicopter monitoring traffic from below, and seeing some cool scenery of the Atlanta Metro.  Earlier this year, a memorial ride in honor of Herb Emory was held raising money for Toys For Tots.

So in honor of Captain Herb Emory, I bring you a time lapse road video from the YouTube channel socarboy.  In the video, which features a trip on I-20, I-285, and I-75 in the Atlanta Metro, you hear some classic reports from Herb Emory.  And the best part, the last three minutes of the video is dedicated to Captain Herb Emory with pictures, facts, and more!  If you liked Herb Emory, you will like this video, enjoy!

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