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Roadscapes Wednesday: FreewayJim California Highway 1, Big Sur

Here is an over one hour video from YouTuber FreewayJim.  This video follows California Highway 1 southbound through the Big Sur region for 76 miles, This is a remix of Video 13-28 […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Atlanta Georgia Street Tour 2020

Want to see some amazing Atlanta street footage?  Freeway Jim shows off a route through Downtown, Midtown, and the Buckhead areas of Atlanta on a Saturday morning with light traffic and great […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: 20 Questions With Freewayjim

You see the time-lapse road videos online.  Now, one of the best people doing this put up a Q&A video.  FreewayJim answers 20 questions about filming time-lapse road videos.  Everything from the […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Interstate 20 and 59 Birmingham New Bridges Video

It was a matter of time before someone recorded a time-lapse road video of the new Interstate 20 and Interstate 59 bridge viaduct in downtown Birmingham.  YouTuber Interstate KS celebrates their 100th […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: I-90 West In Montana 2.0

Due to everything being shut down and people being told to stay at home, the people who make time lapse road videos are re-mixing their content.  In this video below, enjoy the […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: The San Francisco Bay Bridge During The Shutdown

So during the Coronavirus shutdown, the toll booth has stopped accepting cash and is all-electronic, and traffic levels are way below average!  The YouTube channel CatSynth TV took a time-lapse road video […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: On The Road — At The Edge Of Buenos Aires

I love watching those time-lapse road videos!  And I also love seeing how roads are like in other countries around the world.  The YouTube channel Strictoaster made a road video highlighting some […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Interstate 40, The Great Smoky Mountains

Time to feature another time-lapse road video.  The YouTube channel Interstate KS has a new video featuring Interstate 40 over the Great Smokey Mountains region of Tennessee and North Carolina.  Enjoy below!

Roadscapes Wednesday: Interstate 565 East Time-Lapse Road Video

This week, I am featuring a new time-lapse road video featuring all of Interstate 565 eastbound in North Alabama.  The YouTube channel Interstate KS recorded this video in late December 2019.  Enjoy […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Natchez Trace Parkway – Tupelo to Alabama

This week, how about a time-lapse road video.  The YouTube channel Interstate 411 made a video documenting the Natchez Trace Parkway from Tupelo, MS to the Alabama state line.  Enjoy a peaceful […]

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