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If Full House Comes Back, These Five Classic Sitcoms Should Come Back Too


Hey have you heard, the classic TV sitcom Full House could be coming back to TV, with new episodes and the original cast!  Right now, you can enjoy Full House repeats on networks like Nick At Nite, which enjoys some great ratings.  See, family friendly TV shows can get some good ratings!  Right now, nothing is set in stone but cast member John Stamos is reportedly spearheading the idea, along with original series creator Jeff Franklin and executive producer Bob Boyett.

This has got me thinking, if Full House comes back with new episodes, what other classic sitcoms should come back?  If Boy Meets World can come back as Girl Meets World on Disney Channel, I think other classic sitcoms can make a comeback as well!  So on this post, I am going to highlight five classic sitcoms that deserves to comeback, with or without the original cast and the original show title.

I Love Lucy


One of the very first sitcoms on TV that aired in black and white is one of my family’s favorites.  And although the original cast have passed away, I am sure a TV network can find someone who has the talent and laughter like Lucille Ball had.  Imagine a 21st century episode of the conveyor belt, grape stomping, switching jobs, and more, it would work today!

The Andy Griffith Show


This show starring Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, and more; was much more than a classic sitcom, it shown a simple life in the south, and one of the best ways to raise a family.  Other than the sitcom part of the show, many episodes also had some great life lessons that still applies to today.  Yep, many people still enjoys the reruns on TV even in 2014.


Roseanne cast

I picked this show because it shown a working class middle class family in the 1990’s.  The show featured both parents working, with limited income.  And other than the adults being overweight, the show also had some controversial moments.  Yep, I think a show featuring a poor working class family would work today.



I pick this classic sitcom because Millennials are people who like to be with each other and gather at places like a bar, tavern, or local brewery.  I guess the current TV show that is close to Cheers is Sullivan and Son.  But a show like Cheers or Sullivan And Son would work on network TV, if done right!



One of the best sitcoms of all time is something most people would love to see come back, even if it’s with a different cast.  A comeback of Seinfeld would give all of us viral video clips, and pop culture references that will follow us for a lifetime!  Nothing can beat the soup nazi!

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