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Celebrate My Little Pony Friendship Day With Classic TV Characters Ponified

Last Thursday July 30th, Hasbro celebrated Friendship Day in the My Little Pony Universe.  A global, pop culture phenomenon, the My Little Pony franchise from Hasbro has remained deeply rooted in the […]

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Watch Elders Reacting To I Love Lucy

One, two, three, how cute!  The Fine Bros YouTube channel got the elders to react to the classic show I Love Lucy.  Below you get to see the elders react to some classic […]

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Catch Two New I Love Lucy Colorized Episodes This Weekend

This is May sweeps season, and the networks will do anything to get viewers!  So, CBS is thinking that nostalgia will draw in viewers!  On Sunday, May 17th, CBS will air two […]

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If Full House Comes Back, These Five Classic Sitcoms Should Come Back Too

Hey have you heard, the classic TV sitcom Full House could be coming back to TV, with new episodes and the original cast!  Right now, you can enjoy Full House repeats on […]

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Watch The I Love Lucy Colorized Christmas Special

I Love Lucy is a television staple, and on Friday night, CBS is giving TV fans a special holiday treat!  CBS is presenting two I Love Lucy episodes, in color!  This groundbreaking […]

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