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Good News Fridays: Pig The Unusual Dog

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Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but one dog is very different, and is from Alabama!  Pig The Unusual Dog is a female mixed-breed dog born with the birth defect “short spine syndrome.”  Even with the disability, this dog still does average things any other dog would do.

Kim Dillenbeck from Shelby County found Pig in the woods while visiting relatives in Georgia last Christmas.  Kim went to see Pig and bonded with the dog quickly.  Instead of the vet saying that Pig should be put down, Pig was brought back home to Alabama, and has become a local celebrity.


Pig has no neck and is missing parts of her spine and ribs, and she hops like a frog to stand up.  Pig has vertebrae that are fused and twisted and her spinal cord splits into two separate cords.  Plus Pig’s hips and joints are rotated in the wrong positions.  Pig is still growing and gaining weight, she weighs around 15 pounds now, and she could gain about another 20 pounds.

Pig The Unusual Dog even has a Facebook page, and as of July 25th, has close to 70,000 likes!  Pig has been out at various events around the Birmingham Metro and has become an inspiration to many.  Because of Pig, Kim’s life has changed, and has started a foundation called Pig’s Foundation, which is intended to help raise funds for individuals who rescue as well as established rescues. Some individuals need a little more help while fostering homeless animals that a rescue simply cannot afford.  Pig’s Foundation believes that if they can help develop and educate good fosters, more homeless animals can stay off the streets and out of shelters.

Also, so many rescues want to do more than they can afford to do, either due to lack of funds or lack of fosters. Sometimes, rescues must just say “no” to animals that need more medical attention than the rescue can afford, and Pig’s Foundation wants to help change that.  If you want to donate to Pig’s Foundation, click here!


Pig The Unusual Dog is a huge inspiration, and I hope Pig lives a long and happy life!  Learn more about Pig The Unusual Dog at:  Enjoy some other great videos featuring this dog!


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