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See How I Made A Cheap Portable Air Conditioner To Cool Down My Bedroom

Summers are hot here in Alabama.  The only way I stay cool is a single air conditioner in the living room.  I use a box fan on the floor to blow the cool air from the living room to the bedroom and kitchen.  It works pretty well, remember hot air rises while cool air sinks.  But, I know I can do better.  I saw this video on YouTube where I can a cheap air conditioner using a Styrofoam container, ice packs, a fan, and a cheap vent.

So I thought, could this work?  I went to Walmart, got a Styrofoam container, ice packs, a cheap fan, and a vent.  I cut two holes on top of the Styrofoam container.

I placed the ice packs in the freezer to freeze then I placed them in the container.

Then I turned on the fan, and I noticed a cool difference!  This really does work, and it helps to get the bedroom cooler before I go to bed.

Hey, it’s cheaper than buying a second air conditioner unit.  If you are needing to cool down a room, give this a shot!

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