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Learn More About These Three Cartoon Throwbacks

It’s pretty obvious that the skill it takes to produce cartoons is one of the most impressive aspects of the craft. The time and dedication to the art is prominent in the way it comes across in the actual cartoons themselves. The sharp lines, the bright colors, the entertaining and memorable writing, the storytelling that often has us in fits of laughter. Quite frankly, you can’t go wrong with a good cartoon.

Lots of people will tell you that cartoons are for children and that watching them as a grown adult is childish behavior. This, however, is a short-sighted and closed-minded opinion. Cartoons are an art format and should be seen as such! For many, cartoons now hold some sense of sentimental value as it reminds them of their childhood. Of course, cartoons and animations nowadays are created according to a very high standard, similarly to that of video games. The latter is being created to search a high standard that a lot of them are being regarded as some of the most graphically demanding PC games

Cartoons can bring the feeling nostalgia and child-like freedom back to adults. This is one of the best things about the art. That, and the fact that they can bring people together. Doesn’t an evening in with pizza, drinks and a few episodes of an old favorite cartoon sound like a brilliant way to spend time with friends and loved ones? Taking a trip down memory lane can often lead to the best discussions, reminiscing about the good times in our childhoods. Below are some examples of a few throwback cartoons that brought joy to so many. 

Teen Titans

Based on the DC Comics, this brilliant cartoon had everything. Superheroes that were a relatable age for younger audiences, wickedly good characters, humor and a little romance thrown in for good measure. Each character is uniquely different but work so well as a team when needed. What’s even cooler is that this show is heavily influenced by Japanese Anime in its visual aesthetics. Anime-style graphics are dotted throughout the show and it only enhances the experience. This one is certainly a show to return to.

The Powerpuff Girls

A trio of girls with superpowers is cool enough. Throw in the fact that they kick butt on a regular basis, saving their city from a constant stream of threats and you have yourself a winning concept. It’s incredibly empowering and definitely works as a source of inspiration for young girls everywhere, despite what people may say about the cartoon format lessening the positive impact. 

Dexter’s Laboratory 

This series helped make science seem cool to young kids who were under a different impression. A boy who was insanely intelligent and ran a whole laboratory from his parents’ house? Who wouldn’t want to be that cool? The experiments, the secret entrance that his sister somehow found and the constant chaos that followed worked as nothing more than pure entertainment, as well as shining a new light on being young and ridiculously clever. It also portrayed a sibling relationship that most kids could relate to, giving the show another edge.

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