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Good News Fridays: Ship My Trousers / American Sign Language Concert

Geek Alabama Good News Fridays

For this Good News Fridays, I have two Christmas themed videos to put you into the Christmas spirit!  The first video from K-Mart is a spin-off from the viral Ship My Pants video.  The company brought back the entire cast from the first video and recasted everyone as characters from Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.  The characters were also given dialogue with a Victorian spin.

The second video from the YouTube channel Lori Koch is just awesome!  Five year-old  Claire Koch performed with her fellow students at her school’s Christmas Pageant in Clearwater, FL.  Both of Claire’s parents are deaf and she surprised them by translating the songs into American Sign Language during the entire medley.  The video now has over four million views!  This sign language is much better than that guy from South Africa.  Enjoy the two videos!


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