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Animation Monday: Bee And PuppyCat

Last week, the YouTube channel CartoonHangover premiered the first new season episodes of the cartoon Bee and Puppycat.  And yep, they were really good!  The first two episodes were about cooking, and almost getting […]

Watch The 24 Hour Countdown To Bee And Puppycat Livestream Now

UPDATE:  The livestream is now over.  You can now enjoy the first two episodes of Bee and Puppycat below! The YouTube channel CartoonHangover is now doing a 24 hour Google Hangout to get ready […]

Animation Monday: Join The Channel Frederator Network / Drawing Myself in 3 Disney Styles

This week on Animation Monday, I want to talk about things for new animators, or animators who are just starting out in the business.  Nothing is better than seeing new people becoming […]

Animation Monday: Doctor Lollipop On Cartoon Hangover

Are you looking for a twisted Red Riding Hood story that involves a T-Rex, a talking wolf, a talking raccoon, and a pink unicorn who is a physician, then this video is […]

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