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Product Review: McDonald’s Mighty Wings

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This week, McDonald’s rolled out their new product called the Mighty Wings.  This product features breaded chicken wings that are crunchy and spicy!  This is not the first time McDonald’s has served chicken wings.  Their chicken wings were first launched in 1990 until they were taken off their menus in 2003.  On the box, McDonald’s touts the Mighty Wings as big, crispy, spicy, meaty, juicy, bone-in chicken.  And I am here to tell you, McDonald’s is telling the truth!

chicken 002

I ordered a 5 piece Mighty Wings meal which came with fries and a drink for $6.99.  I also got some barbecue sauce for my wings!  The wings stayed crunchy and hot on the short trip home from the restaurant.  Just look at the size of these wings!  McDonald’s is not screwing around with the Mighty Wings, you are getting a lot of chicken meat which is breaded with a great outer crunch.  The spices are great as well, my mouth was full of spice happiness for around 30 minutes after I finished my Mighty Wings.

chicken 005

The spiciness factor is something that is not too light or not too heavy.  You are going to get some spice when you bite into a Mighty Wing.  The spiciness is not too heavy so your eyes are not going to water.  And yes, you will have a spiciness aftertaste in your mouth for about 30 minutes.  The wings actually have the appearance of fried chicken – not so much a traditional sauce drenched buffalo wing.  I prefer wings that are not covered in sauce by the way.

The wings were crunchy and juicy!  Yes, there was a little extra greasiness because the wings were cooked in the deep fryer for a good amount of time.  So I would advise you getting some extra napkins.  But, I did not notice a lot of extra oil from the wings like some other writers have mentioned.  The breading, spiciness, and chicken meat was perfect, and that is a surprise since it’s coming from McDonald’s.

chicken 004

Mighty Wings comes in 3, 5, or 10 piece boxes and here comes the nutritional information.  A three-piece Mighty Wings box clocks in at 290 calories and 19 grams of fat.  These wings are going to pose no danger to your run of the mill wing restaurants since the Mighty Wings are temporary.  I think these wings could pose a real threat to the chicken from KFC and yes, even the spicy chicken from Popeye’s.  I thought the Mighty Wings have a more spicy flavor that the spicy chicken from Popeye’s.

McDonald’s says the Mighty Wings will be around for a limited time only through November.  And it’s too bad, because this is something I would order at McDonald’s whenever I go there.  I would also throw in a McDouble to make it a great meal!


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