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Product Review: KFC Boneless Chicken

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Have you heard the news?  KFC has taken the bone out of its chicken.  KFC is now offering boneless chicken available in white and dark meat as a response to the chicken nugget generation. (Millennials)  The YouTube channel Daym Drops did a great review of this new chicken.

And here are two official commercials from KFC.

I went down to the local KFC last night and ordered the new boneless chicken.  I got one dark piece, one white piece, potato wedges, biscuit, and a drink.

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The chicken is just like the bone-in breast or thigh chicken that you get at KFC.  The only big difference is the bone is gone!  I first tried the dark piece.  The meat is dark, and you tasted the 11 herbs and spices that KFC is known for.

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Then I tried the white piece.  The meat was white and juicy.  It was really good!

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KFC is doing this because of customer demands.  It’s easier to eat this boneless chicken then eat bone-in chicken while driving.  With mostly everyone in this hurry up world, KFC introduced something that will become popular fast!  Other chicken chains like Popeye’s and Church’s will have to introduce something similar soon if they want to compete.

I recommend you try this chicken!


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