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The Cullman / Walker High School Football Fight


This time of the year, people in Alabama are watching football!  Whether it’s the high school Friday night games, Alabama and Auburn games on Saturday, or the NFL on Sunday, people in Alabama enjoys watching their football.  For the first week of high school football last Friday, some coaches from Cullman High School and Walker High School decided to throw punches to each other after the game ended.  Here is the video from TV 16 in Jasper Alabama.

This brawl has sadly made national news and the AHSAA has investigated and punished the coaches involved by banning the ones who threw punches for the rest of the season.  Walker High School is banned from the playoffs for this year and Cullman High School is on probation.  The coach for Walker High School has resigned and the football team from Walker will have new leadership for the rest of this season.

Let me say this, this fight is not the norm in Alabama.  Just about all high school football teams practice great integrity and sportsmanship.  And the players from both teams will shake hands and often pray together in a huddle after the game has ended.  It doesn’t matter who lost or won, sportsmanship is preached by the officials and the coaches!  What has me concerned is if these coaches who threw punches are also teachers in the classroom?

In Alabama, many coaches are teachers by day in the school.  Sometimes, the coach will take a position while a well-qualified teacher is passed up, just because the coach is coaching football.  High school football is a big business down here in Alabama.  On Friday nights, every stadium with a game is hoping with activity!  Every radio station is broadcasting a local game, and every TV station does a long form high school football recap show!

Football is very popular in Alabama, this isolated case between Cullman and Walker is something that is not happening every Friday night.  I hope the schools do the right thing and suspend or fire everyone who threw punches in that fight.  We need to teach the kids that fighting will lead you nowhere!  It will only land you in the unemployment line or in jail.

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