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The Evening Post: How The Footballs For College Programs Are Made

Big Game USA is the perfect name for this North Texas based football company.  Why?  Well, because they are responsible for making the footballs for just about every big college & high […]

Birmingham Iron Gives Alabama Football Fans Reason To Be Excited With Opening Game

Post by Solomon Crenshaw Jr. from Alabama NewsCenter Dakota Nichols knows all about pro football in Birmingham, even though the 31-year-old wasn’t alive when most of those teams were on the field. “I […]

Discover The Seven Types Of College Football Fans

College football fans such as the superstitious one, the Jekyll and Hyde, the stat watcher, and the professional tailgater are among the people you might find.  There are also people who are […]

Sunday Discussion: Why It’s Almost Impossible To Score A Corner Kick Goal In Soccer

This week, since the World Cup is happening in Russia, let’s talk about the corner kick in soccer.  And why it’s almost impossible to score a goal after kicking from a corner […]

See The Science Behind Football’s First-Down Line

We are all football crazed right now!  Alabama and Georgia will compete for a college football championship next Monday.  And, many NFL teams from this area like the Falcons, Saints, Titans, Panthers, […]

My Predictions For The 2015 Iron Bowl

This post is going up at 8:30 am and the Iron Bowl is today at 2:30 pm on CBS.  So, who do I think will win this game?  Before I get to […]

View The Geek Alabama College Football Predictions 2015 Infographic

The college football season is here! And in this infographic, I make my predictions for the 2015 college football season. The infographic called Geek Alabama College Football Predictions 2015 shows the schedule […]

Some Iron Bowl 2014 Videos, Plus My Iron Bowl 2014 Predictions

Tonight, most of the state of Alabama will pause, and watch ESPN for the annual Iron Bowl game.  This year, the Auburn Tigers travel to Bryant-Denny Stadium to take on the Alabama […]

View The Why High School Football Is Popular In Alabama Infographic

This infographic talks about why high school football is popular in Alabama. Football Friday Nights are some of the best nights in the South!  From the big hits, to the last minute […]

View The Nationwide NCAA Fan Map, Based From Facebook Likes

College football was crazy this Saturday!  #2 Oregon, #3 Alabama, #4 Oklahoma, #6 Texas A&M, #17 Wisconsin, and #18 BYU all went down!  War Eagle by the way!  So to celebrate, I am featuring a new map […]

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