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Good News Fridays: 97.3 Hula FM In Birmingham

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UPDATE: 97.3 Hula FM has now become 97.3 Y’all FM.  The station is a something-for-everybody variety hits music station and will be modeled like Jack FM.  Listen here:

Today, 97.3 The Zone ended its broadcasting operations.  So what does Summit Media replace sports talk with, well with Hawaiian Music of course!  97.3 Hula FM is one of the few radio stations outside the state of Hawaii playing all Hawaiian music.  The Birmingham radio market is too small for two sports talk stations and WJOX basically won out.

For now, 97.3 is stunting until a new format is announced.  Stunting with Hawaiian music from a place thousands of miles away is going to get some attention.  So if you want to listen to some peaceful, great music.  Tune into 97.3 FM or click the link below to listen to 97.3 Hula FM.

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  1. Personally, I love this music and am sorry it is only temporary. Can we keep it?!

  2. You better enjoy while you can. The station will play patriotic music on the 4th of July and a new format will be announced at midnight Thursday.