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Product Reviews: BassBuds Headphones / BassBoomz Speakers

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This product review is something special because it involves the first ever video product review!  So before you read this post, please take the time to watch the review video!

I had a chance to review some products from the United Kingdom.  The company BassBuds sent me two products to review.  The first product is the BassBuds headphones.  These headphones come in a luxury giftbox and has six pairs of silicone tips and three pairs of memory foam tips.  The headphones have a button so you can pause and play music, answer and end your call, and use voice commands to talk and control your phone.  Yes, these headphones have a microphone so you can keep your eyes ahead of you instead of looking down, very smart!

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The headphones have advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology.  This technology makes sure your headphones have ultra distortion-free bass and crisp treble, crystal-clear HD audio, and noise isolation so you can immerse in the music.  Swarovski Crystals are embedded in the back of the aluminium sound chamber and sound waves emitted in the sound chamber are specifically tuned and directed towards the front chamber housing entering the ear canal with optimal bass and balance in treble.  All of this is thanks to the Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology which are made with Swarovski Crystals!  And the audio jack is Gold-plated 3.5mm for optimum connectivity!

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When I plugged in the headphones and listened to some music, I could tell the difference!  The music was crisp and sounded clear.  Most of my other headphones have poor sound quality since they were cheap.  But the BassBuds headphones have amazing sound quality which I think you will enjoy!  Sure, the cost of $85 is pricey, but if you want amazing sound quality, you need to get these headphones!

The second product was the BassBoomz Speakers.  This speaker is something different than most speakers on the market.  The speakers let you experience superior sound quality through the powerful built-in speaker giving depth and clarity to your music. These speakers were designed with an innovative Bass Expansion System for an impressive volume-to-size digital amplifier giving you deep, rich bass tones.  Simply twist and release to activate an enhanced entertainment experience.

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The BassBoomz speaker comes with a built-in high performance Li-ion rechargeable battery, so you can hear your music at 70% volume for an amazing 5-6 hours.  The solid aluminium construction with high grip base provides stability, reduced interference and vibration dampening when used on hard surfaces.  The speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.  And it’s compatible with non Bluetooth devices, such as MP3 players, via AUX input.

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The speaker has amazing sound quality and you can actually feel the bass beating through the device.  This device has a rechargeable battery which is great so you can take the device anywhere to listen to your favorite music.  Yes, the device has a price tag of $130, but if you want to listen to your favorite music with quality sound, this device is right for you!

Overall, I enjoyed both products and I think you will enjoy them too!  I endorse getting both the BassBuds Headphones and the BassBoomz Speakers!  I am sure many teenagers and young adults are going to really enjoy these!  To learn more about these products and to purchase them go to:

Note: I received these products for free for a review.  I was not paid to write this post.

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