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Music Thursdays: SAVOY Live With Lasers

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Looking for a cool show that you will enjoy!  SAVOY is currently on the Live With Lasers tour and they will be in Birmingham on Thursday May 30th.  Instrumentalists turned seasoned producers Gray Smith, Ben Eberdt and live drummer Michael Kelly, collectively known as the live electronic outfit SAVOY-are renowned for taking elements from almost every sub-genre of electronic music and mashing them together to create a truly unique sound that leaves fans worldwide in one sweaty mess at the end of their energetic performances.  SAVOY now takes that same force into the studio with their upcoming EP, which is scheduled to drop May 16 via the band’s online channels.


In support of the new EP – the follow-up to their widely successful Personal Legend EP -Savoy are kicking off the 2nd leg of the Savoy Live with Lasers 2013 U.S. Tour.  The tour will take Savoy across major clubs and venues throughout the U.S. with a run of several festival performances, including a special performance in Houston at the Free Press Summer Series for a grand finale.  The Savoy Live with Lasers Tour will feature an impressive multi-light laser show created by award winner Eliav Kadosh, who won the first-ever “Best Laser Jockey” competition at the International Laser Display Association Awards 2012.

Here are some videos from the SAVOY Live performance!

The SAVOY Live With Lasers tour will be in Birmingham on Thursday May 30th at Zydeco. To learn more about this tour go to:

Learn more about Zydeco Birmingham at:


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