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The Evening Post: A Recipe For Seduction Trailer

Is this peak 2020?  This Sunday, Lifetime will air something presented by KFC, yes really.  As the holidays draw near, a young heiress contends with the affections of a suitor handpicked by […]

Foodie Saturdays: Vegan And Meat-Eater Rate KFC, Subway, McDonald’s And Pizza Hut Vegan Dishes

We know more people are eating healthier and might mean more vegan foods.  But, if you want to eat-out, what kinds of vegan options are out there?  Veganism is on the rise […]

Kentucky Fried Chicken Now Has A Colonel RoboCop

The folks from Kentucky Fried Chicken thought now was a good time to upgrade their Colonel Sanders into the 21st century, by turning their mascot into Colonel RoboCop.  Yeah, I guess us […]

Watch Someone Rank Fast Food Fried Chicken In Bless Your Rank

Here in the south, we have plenty of wonderful fast-food fried chicken places.  But, which fast-food place has the best bone-in fried chicken?  Watch below as the It’s A Southern Thing series […]

Sunday Discussion: KFC or Popeyes — Back Porch Bickerin’

On this Sunday Discussion, on a Monday, let’s have a debate between KFC and Popeye’s.  The folks from the It’s a Southern Thing YouTube channel have a new episode on their Back Porch […]

Coming Soon To Your Local Fast Food Joint, A Bluetooth Powered Tray Typer

Yep, technology has advanced so much that fast food joints are now doing some creative and wacky things in their restaurants!  KFC in Germany took their regular tray liners and juiced them […]

A Young Girl Was Kicked Out Of A KFC Because She Looked Different, This Is Wrong

UPDATE:  A investigation found that this story never happened at a KFC.  The Facebook page has been taken down.  I hope the family will refund the money raised on the Go Fund […]

Score Some Scary Halloween Deals 2013

I know many of you are going to go out tonight for the Halloween activities, I am as well!  Since many of you are going out, you are probably going out to […]

Product Review: KFC Boneless Chicken

Have you heard the news?  KFC has taken the bone out of its chicken.  KFC is now offering boneless chicken available in white and dark meat as a response to the chicken […]

Pigskin Roundup All-Star Banquet 2012

I had a great time at the 2012 Pigskin Roundup All-Star Banquet.  A good crowd came out to enjoy a meal from KFC.  And to hear from LSU coach Les Miles.  But […]

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