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Snow In Alabama on Thursday; Yeah Baby!

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Bread and milk alert!  Alabama will be seeing snow from Winter Storm Iago on Thursday. (Why does The Weather Channel name winter storms?)  During the day on Thursday, a cold core low pressure system will track across Alabama and it will start as rain but soon will transition to all snow!  Cold core lows are very difficult to forecast as they are unpredictable in where the most snow if any will fall.  Here is the 24 hour forecast for snow accumulation from NOAA.


As of Wednesday night counties along the I-20 and I-59 corridors are under a Winter Storm Warning for snow amounts of up to 4 inches possible.  The counties in red below are under a Winter Storm Warning.  The counties in pink are under a Winter Weather Advisory.


Temperatures will fall around freezing when the snow is falling.  This could cause road problems and if enough heavy snow falls this will cause travel nightmares as many roads and bridges will ice over.  This is not the classic setup for heavy snow in Alabama.  But if enough snow falls you will want to stay home!  Most snow will fall between 12 noon to 7 pm on Thursday.  And the heaviest snow will fall in East Alabama in places like Mt. Cheaha, Sand Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Gadsden, and Anniston among other places.  Most areas in East Alabama and West Georgia should expect 2-4 inches with some areas getting up to 6 inches especially on higher elevations.

You should consider staying off the roads and staying home on Thursday afternoon and Thursday night as the roads will have icy spots on them.  Geek Alabama will take some pictures of the snow and post them on the blog on Thursday.  Below is my call map. Stay alert!

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