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Rescuing A Dog In Ragland Alabama


I would call this post a feel good story!  Ragland Alabama is sadly a dumping ground for many pets.  Some people have no care for animals in this world and when they don’t want a pet anymore, they drive somewhere remote, release the animal, and drive away.  For the past few weeks someone abandoned a black dog near the Neely Henry Dam along AL-144.  Some people have left food so the dog would not go hungry.  And someone even put out a shelter for the dog!  But this dog was a danger to the driving public.

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This black dog would at times go out and chase a car in the middle of the road!  So you know if this continued it would not be long before this dog was struck and killed.  So on Sunday I decided to attempt a rescue of this dog.  I used my mom’s dog Georgina so this dog would feel comfortable with me.  And it worked!  Enjoy the video of the rescue below!

It took some time for the dog to get comfortable with me and Georgina.  But after a little while the dog climbed into the back seat of my car and I was able to shut the door.  This black dog is a boy and it sure looked liked he wanted a play mate!  The dog was barking and raising his paw because he wanted Georgina to play with him.  The dog never got aggressive or tried to bite me and I was able to pet him many times.

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Yes, my mom was a little surprised that I was able to rescue this dog from the side of the road.  The car ride from my mom’s house to the Animal Shelter of Pell City was good.  The dog was a little nervous but he handled the car ride very well!  I was petting him here and there to make him feel comfortable.

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When we got to the animal shelter we put on a leash and took him to the cage.  It was a struggle as the dog was not used to a leash so we had to stop at times to let the dog catch his breath.  While we were at the shelter there was another puppy who was just left there. The facility is surrounded by a fence and you have to enter through a side gate and take your pet to a cage and fill out some paperwork if you want to abandon an animal.  This person just put the puppy inside the fence and left.  Thankfully the animal shelter has cameras so they can find out who just leaves animals without properly putting them in a cage.

After putting both dogs in cages which had plenty of water it started to rain and get cold.  So I thought I did an awesome thing by getting this dog to safety before the rain and cold set in.  I am hoping someone was maybe looking for this lost dog but I do think someone just abandoned it!  And this is a huge problem in the state of Alabama.  Hopefully someone will adopt this dog if it’s not claimed.  He would make a great dog for a family and he has lots of energy because he wanted to play with my mom’s dog Georgina.

To contact the Animal Shelter of Pell City go to:

Alabama, we have to stop people from abandoning animals!

Stop Animal Alabama

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