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One Monopoly Token Is Biting The Dust Forever



The results:  The iron goes and the cat comes in!

Who loves the game Monopoly, you collect $200 every time you pass go.   You can laugh when your friends go to jail.  And you can pretend you own lots of properties and make lots of money.  Only if that was for real!  Hasbro has decided to kick one of its game tokens into the board game wasteland.  And you get to decide which token gets kicked out forever.  You can also decide which new token will replace the kicked out token.

Monopoly is in 111 countries and 43 languages.  And the game is available in over 1300 different versions!  The game was introduced by Parker Brothers in 1935 during the heart of the Great Depression.  And according to Hasbro, more than 1 billion people have played the game in its various versions.  One of my favorites is Auburnopoly!   Eric Nyman, senior vice president for Hasbro Gaming has said they are replacing a token “that’s more representative of today’s Monopoly players.”  Either the shoe, top hat, wheelbarrow, clothes iron, battleship, race car, thimble or Scottie dog will enter the game token graveyard.  And one of these pieces will take the place of the retired token.  You can choose from the diamond ring, guitar, toy robot, cat or helicopter.

To vote for the token you want to see retired and the token you want to see in the Monopoly game, you have to go to the Monopoly’s Facebook page.  As of January 11th, here is the leader-board of the current tokens.  The lowest rated token joins the token graveyard like the lantern, cannon and rocking horse have already done.


Go to: and vote until February 6th to save your favorite token!  And before I go I must share these comments from

They should have a welfare edition of monopoly. Instead of going to jail you have to got to Health and human services for you welfare check and you must skip your turn. The pieces would include government cheese and a section 8 housing piece.

How about you have to drunk dial someone when you land on Free Parking?

How about a gun?… they seem quite popular on most of the comments these days? It could be handy when you collect on free parking or have to go to jail. maybe you could pass go and still collect $200 if you have a GUN.

Obama will issue his first executive order on guns – ban the assault weapon token.

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