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Project for Awesome 2012: YouTube Comes Together For Charity


Many people upload videos to YouTube hoping they become famous and their video goes viral.  And in 2007, a group of YouTube creators got together to create the Project for Awesome.  The Project for Awesome is an annual event that sprung out of various YouTube communities to support charities and other ways of decreasing the overall worldwide level of suck.  Every year since 2007, thousands of people post videos to YouTube promoting charities on December 17th.  Then the YouTube community comes together as a community to promote those videos and raise money.

The 2012 edition of the Project for Awesome is now underway!  On December 17-18, YouTube channels will upload videos promoting their favorite charities.  Then people get to vote on which videos they think are the best.  After the voting closes, the charities promoted in the top five videos split all the money they raised over the year.  The VlogBrothers are running a live stream of the event.  Watch below!

So how can you help raise money for charity?  The Project for Awesome has an Indiegogo campaign running for just three more days. Contributors will receive various gifts for their donations including The Men of YouTube calendar featuring Hank and John Green, Phil DeFranco, Harley Morenstein and Freddie Wong.  Contributors can also receive stories from John Green, Cassandra Clare and Holly Black.  You could also get the Wheezy Waiter Christmas Card, Nerdfighter Bottlecap Necklace, Annoying Orange poster, or Hank Green Anglerfish Art.  So what are you waiting for?  Click on the link to donate!

For more information on the Project for Awesome and to vote for your favorite videos go to:

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