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Sunday Discussion: Runoff Candidate Endorsements

On this Sunday Discussion posted on a Tuesday I am going to offer my endorsements for the Anniston Ward 2 and Ward 4 runoff races.  And I will offer my endorsement for the runoff mayor race in Alexander City.  Let’s start off with Anniston.

Anniston Runoff Endorsements

I went to the Ward 2 and Ward 4 community forum last Thursday at the Carver Community Center.  And the candidates did a good job speaking about what they would do to change Anniston for the better.  Seyram Selase who was elected in Ward 3 over Ben Little spoke and the crowd loved it!  Here are some pictures from the forum.

So after hearing the candidates speak.  I have not changed my mind on who I am endorsing for the runoff election.  I endorse Millie Harris in Ward 4 and she had some great ideas for bringing in new tax revenue like using the Anniston Middle School property for a new shopping center similar to the Oxford Exchange.  And in Ward 2 both candidates would be a good fit for Anniston.  But at the end I am sticking with my endorsement of David Reddick.  But whoever gets elected in these two wards; all four of the candidates at the forum would do a good job if they were elected!

Alexander City Mayor Runoff

I am still endorsing candidate Mark Lamborne for mayor.  Mark Lamborne is a 30-year business owner and Chairman of the Alexander City Economic Development Board.  Mr. Lamborne would provide the leadership necessary for Alexander City to be a vibrant, affordable, and ethnically diverse city where the citizens feel safe, enjoy their neighborhoods and have access to their city government.

Alexander City has lost over 10,000 jobs from the Russell downsizing.  The city school system has a debt of $27 million and the city code officials are out of control.  The city is so broke that they are repaving their roads in tar and gravel!  This is a city that is out of control!  And the city and the tax money revenue needs to be brought under control.  If it wasn’t for Lake Martin; Alex City would be dead right now in my opinion.  In my opinion I feel like Mark Lamborne would be the best candidate who would get rid of the good ole boy politics in Alexander City.  The outgoing mayor Barbara Young wrote a letter to the Alexander City Outlook endorsing Charles Shaw and pretty much taking the newspaper to the woodshed!


Here comes the road issue again; if Alexander City wants to grow and recruit businesses it needs to address U.S. 280.  What business is going to locate to a city along a highway with numerous traffic lights in between?  I feel like Alex City is going to have to pressure ALDOT and the state to upgrade U.S. 280 to a freeway or nothing is going to happen.  Plus the city needs to quit repaving with tar and gravel.  It makes everything look ugly!


So there you have it!  If you live in a city in Alabama that has a runoff; go vote on Tuesday!

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