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Funny Presidential Debate Videos

Over 67 million people watched the first debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  And it did not take long for funny videos to pop up on YouTube spoofing these two guys.  So I have found a couple of videos I think you need to watch!  This first video from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was funny!  And by the way I can’t wait for the Stewart vs. O’Reilly debate dubbed The Rumble 2012!  It’s so worth the $4.95.

These videos from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon are funny as well!  One shows the two candidates whistling a popular song.  The other video shows the candidates telling Jim  Lehrer to shut the **** up!

This video from Jimmy Kimmel Live is great.  What do kids know about the presidential debates; they know more than you think!

This video from The Gregory Brothers is great.  What happened if you auto-tuned the best moments from the debate.  This is what you get!

And let’s end with something sweet!  How about seeing Mishka the Talking Husky running for president!  This is a cute video!

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