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See Siberian Huskies Wearing Some Funny Halloween Costumes

So the YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs has made this a yearly tradition by getting their Siberian huskies Shelby, Oakley, and Memphis to wear Halloween costumes.  This year, you get to […]

See What Happens When A Siberian Husky Freezes In A Halloween Costume 2015

The YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs has uploaded what their Siberian Huskies will wear for Halloween in 2015!  And just in case you were wondering, yes Shelby is still frozen when a […]

Get Your Gone To The Snow Dogs Shelby Socks For Charity

You only have three days left to get these special edition Shelby socks from Gone To The Snow Dogs.  Once this is over, they will never be made again!  This fundraiser will […]

Watch The 2014 Gone To The Snow Dogs Christmas Card Exchange, Including My Card

  Well, Monday was the day!  The YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs has done two videos, one featuring the 341 Christmas cards they got.  And a second video featuring the presents people […]

This Is What Happens When A Siberian Husky Wears A Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween!  To get things started, I am sharing a video from the YouTube channel  Gone to the Snow Dogs where they had their Siberian Huskies; Shelby, Oakley, and Memphis try on dog […]

Mishka and Laika Needs To Meet With Gone To The Snow Dogs

No doubt, one of my favorite things to watch on YouTube is animal videos.  There are several great channels on YouTube to get your animal fix.  Some popular channels like  laikathehusky and gardea23 are getting […]

Geek Alabama’s Top Animal YouTube Channels

There’s one thing I love watching on YouTube.  I love to see creative video makers make videos featuring our furry friends.  So I have come up with my five top YouTube Channels […]

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