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Aspie Recipes: Blueberry Watermelon Ice Pops

Here in Alabama and the southeast we are seeing some of the hottest temperatures in over 50 years!  It got to the mid 100’s on Saturday and I fought this was a great time to try something frozen.  You know everyone loves enjoying frozen treats in the summer heat. So I wanted to make something that involved watermelons since it’s the unofficial healthy food of the summer.  I had to use juices since I did not have a blender. (someone please hire me already)  But at the end I made something that is sweet and has a small sour kick.  Enjoy making these!

1. Combine juices and honey in bowl.  Then start cutting watermelon into small chunks.

2.  Since I could not find a seedless watermelon.  I had to use a screen to take the seeds out of the recipe.

3.  I put in the watermelon chunks into the mixture.  Then evenly spread the mixture into molds.  I used an ice cube tray.

4. Put plastic wrap over the ice-cube tray.  Then insert a toothpick into each ice-cube slot.

5.  Freeze until hard then enjoy!

What I like about this recipe is in each ice-cube you get chunks of watermelon.  And with these 100+ degree days these treats will satisfy anyone!  For a twist; try these ice cubes in your favorite drink without the toothpicks to give it an extra kick.  Now excuse me while I go bake cookies in my car.

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