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Sunday Discussion: Father’s Day 2012

So I hope you all had a great Father’s Day 2012.  I just hung out at home and watched some DVR programs and sports.  I can not wait to see some photos and videos from National Geekdad Day online.  Yes being a geek and nerd is cool!  But I want to dive into my relationship with my dad.  And this relationship has not been a good one.  My father whose name I am withholding really did not care about me or my brother.  My dad only cared about his work and his cartoons mostly.  When it came to raising me and my brother.  It was pretty much all to ourselves.  Dad did not care about what we ate or what we wore to school at all; we just did what we wanted.  And after my dad married the evil stepmom with the three step-brothers; all hell broke loose.  I had a dad who never cared about me at all.  As Austin Powers puts it; daddy wasn’t there.

After the divorce and then the marriage which none of us boys were invited too.  The stepmom became the head of the household while my dad followed the queen’s orders.  I was bullied by my step-brothers along with my brother; (4 against 1) and by their friends as well.  No other adults, teachers, and even the police could be convinced that I was telling the truth.  And the stepmom along with my dad told lies saying I was not being harmed.  I was forced into my room for weeks at a time with stacks of bed sheets with the urine smell.  I was forced to sit at the dining room table with a camera trained on me while the rest of the family went out to do fun things.  I was forced to attend special schools because they thought I was a crazy child.  I pretty much felt like an outcast while living with my dad.

Ever since I was dropped off by my dad in Kentucky to go live with my mother at age 13; I have not seen my dad.  And I have only talked to my dad once on the phone.  And I really do not care for my dad anymore.  I do love my dad’s grandparents and talk to them regularly to keep up with any happenings.  But my father has been someone I really do not want to meet ever again.  Sorry dad; you did not care about me when I was being abused and that will haunt me for the rest of my life.  You would think this would be the end of the negative father figures but no.  My mom had a stepdad who I never cared either.

My mom’s former husband really liked to be lazy.  He never had a relationship with me and I really did not like him at all.  And the worst part; he was a huge alcoholic.  He hid behind his truck and drank several beers throughout the day.  And he also abused my mom a few times as well.  My mom finally had the guts to kick him out and even today he lives with his mother and has no outlook on life.  He even drove over 200 miles drunk and wrecked in front of the courthouse for a custody hearing of my little brother.  (he’s now 16)  As you can see; I have never had a positive father figure in my life.  It’s like Dr. Evil trying to restart his relationship with his son.  Because we all know it will never happen.  I will never have a positive relationship with any dads I’ve lived with ever.

The only good thing positive I can think about this post is this.  After going through several bad experiences with dads in my life.  When the time comes to start a family and have kids; I know how I will raise my kids.  I will teach them to play some sports.  I will share my love of things geeky and nerdy.  I will show them how to ride a bike and drive a car.  I will share several fun experiences in our time together.  And I will be a great Geekdad!  I can’t wait for that time to come!

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