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Sunday Discussion: My Homemade Card To My Father For Father’s Day

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So, this Sunday Discussion will be quick and easy.  Happy Father’s Day!  This is the day I don’t have to worry about getting anything for my father, because I have not talked to him in over 10 years.  I have not seen him in person in over 15 years!  And there is a good reason I have not seen him, my father was a very bad role model while I was living with him.

You see, I was kicked and punched by other kids (abused), and I was the one who got in trouble for screaming for help.  I mean four against one, who is going to win?  If being abused and beat up by siblings and other kids was bad enough, I was always sent to my room and stayed their sometimes for weeks at a time.  Things got so bad they put an alarm on my bedroom door, who does that?  And at times, I was tied up to a chair, my childhood was like torture!

While I was locked in my room, I could not do laundry, and since I was a bedwetter back then, I had piles of urine soaked sheets in the bedroom, that was no fun!  Also, when the family went out to do something, I always had to sit at the dining room table with a video camera recording my every move.  Simple things like getting a snack meant punishment.  And a snack was worth it, because I was starved!  And they kept all the snacks and most food locked away in their bedroom.

So for this Father’s Day, I am going to present a homemade card I made.  I know my father reads this site, my grandparents have told me this.  So happy Father’s Day father!  You will never be able to repay what you did to me when I was younger and living with you!  At least you did one thing right, you had the guts to drive me to my mother’s for good.  It was one of my best moments of my life!

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