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Animation Monday: Animated TV Dads

This is my post of the top 10 animated dads in TV and movies.  I put out a top 10 list of my top moms a while back.  Click on the link to read that post.

Yes there are lists online of the top TV and movie dads; but there are hardly any lists for the top animated dads.  You know; the dads who can do some of the crazy stuff that can only be done on cartoons.  Here is my top 10 list of the best animated TV and movie dads for Father’s Day!  And yes it took a lot of time to think of this list!

Marlin The Fish

This clownfish raised his one son named Nemo in an overly protective way.  Then when Nemo gets abducted Marlin goes on an adventure to find his son.  And he learns along the way to let his son experience things and take risks.  The Finding Nemo movie is still loved by many today!  And can you believe I have still not seen this movie.  Shameful!

Homer Simpson

You knew this list could not be done without Homer.  Known for his trademark D’oh!  Homer loves to eat lots of foods including donuts.  And Homer loves to drink lots of Duff Beer.  But Homer also has a heart for his kids.  Yes he will try to strangle Bart once in a while.  But if the kids or Marge has problems; Homer helps to save the day!  Most of the time.

Hank Hill

This list could also not be done without Hank Hill.  Hank is a propane salesman at Strickland Propane and loves to grill, mow the grass, and drink Alamo Beer.  Sure he hates taking risks and hates change; but Hank is also very wise and loves his family.  Sure his wife Peggy, his son Bobby, and his niece Luanne sometimes does crazy things.  But Hank encourages his family to do what they like.  Plus he loves his dog as well!

Fred Flintstone

One of the original animated TV dads really cared for his wife Wilma, his daughter Pebbles, and his friends as well.  Fred and his pal Barney worked at the Bedrock stone quarry.  And when Fred get’s home he got to kiss his wife and tries to keep his pet Dino off of him.  Plus he really loved to gamble and play bowling.  This is the modern stone age family.

George Jetson

The husband in the future had lots to do as well.  He worked for Spacely’s Space Sprockets and when he got home he kissed his wife Jane and stayed involved with what his kids Judy and Elroy were doing.  George got fired often from his job but always got hired back.  George also loved to play music and walk the pet dog Astro. Wish I would be doing a job right now.  I could easily push a button.

Peter Griffin

This dad from Family Guy can be a little crazy at times.  Sure he loves to drink with his buddies and make fun of people in those running gags.  But he also does have a heart as well.  He did let the dog Brian come live with them and they are buddies.  Plus if Lois or Chris does something he will get involved.  But why does Peter always put down Meg.  That’s just wrong.

Professor Utonium

This dad invented The Powerpuff Girls when he mixed sugar, spice, and everything nice along with chemical x.  The girls only had a father figure with no mother role.  But it did not stop the professor from being in the dating world with the girls help.  Plus the professor taught the girl’s life lessons and helped the girls with any problems they had.  He was a great father!

Mufasa the Lion

This lion from The Lion King who raised his son Simba was very strict and was a very good father figure.  When Simba disobeyed his father; he didn’t punish or harm his son.  He showed his son a great life lesson.  It would come in handy when Mufasa was killed after rescuing Simba due to Scar’s actions.  But Mufasa was a great influence to Simba and he went on to become a great father himself!

Randy Marsh

Sure this father from South Park shares his love with geology and technology with his son and friends.  But Randy has done his share of crazy things on the show.  Yes he does get drunk and he was in a band that was ridiculed by the people in the town.  But Randy also cares about his wife and his son Stan.  Plus they are hard-core liberals.  Go Obama!

Lawrence Fletcher 

This dad from Phineas and Ferb has a passion for archaeology and is from England.  But he loves seeing the inventions from the boys and even participates in them here and there.  He also likes to have quality time with his step-daughter Candace.  And yes; he does act like one of those sitcom dads you see on TV.  But he also does care for the family and neighbors in Danville.

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