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Celebrate National Geekdad Day

What are you doing for Father’s Day this year?  I am going to cover a few events for the blog but if you are a father with kids; do you do the normal Father’s Day routine.  Like having breakfast in bed and having your kids giving you a tie or a t-shirt.  Why not break the mold this weekend and do something different.  The friends over on the Wired blog Geekdad have come up with the best thing ever for Father’s Day.  Instead of celebrating your normal Father’s Day why not celebrate National Geekdad Day?  National GeekDad Day is a new initiative from Wired magazine in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Education.  Why not do cool experiments and activities with your kids and loved ones?  Or go out with your kids to museums or events that the whole family can enjoy.

Over on the Geekdad blog they have a whole page set up for National Geekdad Day.  There are numerous activities designed by people including Adam Savage from Mythbusters that are easy and simple to do.  And they are guaranteed so everyone from the family can have a blast!  Plus you can download a guide from the blog outlining all the steps you need to do so you can have the best Geekdad Day ever!  And if you are like me and are single and have no kids.  There is a music playlist on the blog you can download onto your Spotify account.  Let you and your kids imagination go wild on Geekdad Day.  Maybe you can build a hovercraft.  Or you can dissect a baseball or a light stick.  You could have your family watch the entire Star Wars trilogy.  Or you can do simple science experiments in the bathtub while your kids are having a bath.  The possibilities are endless!

Find step-by-step directions for many activites and download the entire Geekdad Day guide at http://www.wired.com/geekdad/geekdaddaypackage/#geekdad_bottom.  Have fun with your kids and family this weekend!  And pick up the June issue of Wired Magazine!

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