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Orvillecopter and Amazing Finish

These two videos are for people who like weird things and great finishes.  The first video is a toy helicopter that has the tanned skin of the owner’s cat named Orville.  The cat was killed by a car and he decided to transform the dead cat to the Orvillecopter.  I find this video and toy helicopter just weird!  Some people are okay with this but most are not happy with this guy and are wishing he is arrested or something bad happens to him.  You make the call after you watch the video.

The second video is an inspiring story!  West Liberty-Salem (Ohio) High junior Meghan Vogel had already won a state title and on the same day she did something everyone loves seeing!  She helped Arlington (Ohio) High sophomore Arden McMath to the finish line after she collapsed.  This is a great story about sportsmanship in sports.  And this is a video everyone must see!  Great job!

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