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Animation Monday: Superhero Blocks

Recently we have been seeing new superhero themed blocks on Cartoon Network and Disney XD.  Cartoon Network started first; their block called DC Nation consists of the shows Green Lantern: the Animated Series and Young Justice.  Green Lantern is a computer animated show that focuses on the adventures of Hal Jordan; the Green Lantern of sector 2814.  The other show is Young Justice; showing the battles of several teenage sidekicks.  Both shows offer lots of action and great story lines.

The shorts on DC Nation tells stories from all kinds of angles.  One short has brought back the Teen Titans.  Also Plastic Man, character stories and behind the scenes information is shown.  I do wish they would show a few more shorts during the block because they are entertaining.  Anyways this block has lots of potential and can be seen by many more people because Disney XD is often only shown on digital cable.

Marvel Universe premiered last weekend on Disney XD.  The shows consist of Ultimate Spider Man and The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  The new Spider Man series was pretty good.  I liked the Japanese style animation throughout the show.  And the animation was done very well.  The Avengers also has great potential; well because the movie comes out this summer.

The shorts were okay; I liked the behind the scenes shorts like drawing your favorite characters.  But the Marvel mash-up was a little bit childish.  The new question is how many people are going to see this block?  Disney XD is not offered everywhere Cartoon Network is shown.  So the folks at Disney needs to consider airing this block on Disney Channel.  That way more people can see Marvel Universe.

Both superhero blocks are great for all the superhero fans out there.  One has to wonder when Nickelodeon will offer up a similar block?

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