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See The Michigan State Spartan Marching Band Marvel Universe Halftime Show

Last weekend during the Michigan State vs. Michigan game, the Michigan State marching band performed their renditions of several Marvel comics and movies theme songs during halftime.  Enjoy! Rate This Post

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Watch The DC Vs. Marvel Fan Made Movie Trailer That Will Never Really Happen

So, who would win in a DC Comics and Marvel Comics crossover?  In this fan made video from the YouTube channel Alex Luthor, you see all of the superhero characters from the DC […]

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See Marvel Universe Live! At The BJCC This Weekend

Unless you want to wait to around Christmas to see Marvel Universe Live! in Atlanta, you need to go see it this weekend in Birmingham at the BJCC.  Marvel Universe Live! is […]

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Animation Monday: Lack of Action Animation On TV

There’s a crisis going on in the animation world.  The number of action animated shows being cancelled is alarming.  I mean, I enjoy the comedy animated shows like Phineas and Ferb, My […]

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Animation Monday: Superhero Blocks

Recently we have been seeing new superhero themed blocks on Cartoon Network and Disney XD.  Cartoon Network started first; their block called DC Nation consists of the shows Green Lantern: the Animated Series and […]

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