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TV Review: Intelligence For Your Life

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I have heard of this new TV show from John Tesh called “Intelligence For Your Life.”  It’s basically the TV show version of the radio show, with more graphics, pictures, videos, and seeing John Tesh, Connie Sellecca, and Gib Gerard in person.  Well, the media market where I live in does not carry the show.  So, the folks uploaded a full episode on their YouTube channel.  And here it is below, while it stays up on YouTube.

The TV show premiered in September 2014, and while I enjoy listening to the radio version of “Intelligence For Your Life” (Mix 102.9 in Gadsden), I thought the TV show version had plenty of great knowledge and facts that I enjoyed learning.  Like the fact that many Millennial boys are still living at home with their parents, or why have a cluttered desk can get you fired, or why taking shorter and more often vacations can make your brain better.  In the episode above, you first see John, Connie, and Gib sitting in a desk.  In what has to be a green screen behind them.  Because you see plenty of graphics, diagrams, pictures, animations, and more fun stuff.  In fact, I liked seeing all of the extra graphic stuff!

Then, they move to other segments where you only see John or Connie sitting alone, behind a green screen.  Where they talk about intelligence, with one TV screen/graphic on the left.  Gib talks about things while the entire graphic behind him goes animated.  For example, you see not real pictures of deer getting blown up by airplanes while talking about why deer are running onto airport runways.  And I liked how John, Connie, and Gib were trying to get a sponsor for their show!

At times during the show, you also see John, Connie, and Gib discuss an intelligence report from earlier in the show.  In the episode above, it was about Millennial boys moving back home to mom and dad.  Some of the face expressions were weird in the backgrounds!  Another segment is called 90 seconds of intelligence you can use.  A quick dose of intelligence with the three hosts.  Who thought eating coffee ice cream has a lot of caffeine, or sipping on a straw causes lip wrinkles, and playing video games improves spacial reasoning skills. See, being a geek and/or nerd is cool and smart!

The program is great at 30 minutes per episode.  And the show will connect viewers to experts in various fields and feature short, shareable segments from the most popular radio show categories.  Advice and living insight from some of the world’s most respected health/medical, finance, relationships & dating, career, travel, and beauty experts are shared in creative, motion graphic broadcast segments.  So, thanks John Tesh for uploading a full episode so I can review your TV show.  You are making a fun, creative, and smart TV show.  Hopefully you will get onto the Birmingham TV market soon!

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