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Sunday Discussion: A Way To Stop Young People From Becoming Mass Shooters

This is becoming an epidemic.  Lately, we have had several young adult males who have decided to kill others in mass shootings.  This image below is circulating on social media.  And yes as you can see, many of these people who committed mass shootings below have been young adults.

Why is this continuing to happen?  After yet another mass shooting, we get social media posts from people who knew the mass shooter back in college or high school, and they often say that the person had an anger problem, hated certain people, bullied others, or was acting weirdly from other students.  What if there was a way to identify these people and get them the mental health treatment they need to hopefully prevent another mass shooting?

Many of these mass shooters just did not snap overnight, they have shown the signs of mental health problems for years before they committed these crimes.  I believe we now need to see every high school and college / university in the United States identify those students who show the signs of mental health troubles.

These are the students that have anger problems.  These are the students that bully other students.  These are the students that show that they hate other people based on their sex, skin color, or unique interests.  These are the students that act weirdly from most of the other students.  These are the students that threaten other people.  These are the students that are stressing out many times.  You get the idea.  These are the students that feel marginalized from the other students.

Every high school and college / university has teachers, professors, councilors, administrators, and other staff that know who these students are.  I think it’s time to hold these schools responsible to identify the students who need the help, and get them the help they need!  Even if that means these students are sent to another special school that can help them, if it gets these students the help they need so they do not become violent later in life, I am sure society will approve of this.

Too often, we hear of yet another mass shooting involving a young adult male.  And then people who knew that mass shooter tells social media about the things they knew about that person.  I am getting tired of hearing of yet more people being murdered because that mass shooter could have gotten the help they needed while in school so that shooting would have never happened.

If that means states must fund more staff in high schools to identify and get help for the students that need it, so be it.  Let’s put a stop to many of these senseless mass shootings, and let’s get those students who need the mental health help get the help they need.

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