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The Crazy U.S. 280 Alabama Corridor

If there is one road in Alabama that is hated by many people it is U.S. 280.  Highway 280 in the Birmingham Metro is used by 97,000 cars a day!  You would think […]

Traffic Light and Highway Scenes

  Since being Geek Alabama Birthday Week you knew I would do this.  If you have been a longtime reader of Geek Alabama you know I love taking videos and pictures of […]

Sunday Discussion: Road Talk

Harpersville, AL Debtors Prison Stopped http://blog.al.com/spotnews/2012/07/judge_halts_debtors_prison_by.html If you have ever driven through the small town of Harpersville, AL on U.S. 280 you will know what I am about to say.  The police have been […]

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