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The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – BIG 12 Loses Texas And Oklahoma Cast Away Style

It was the news that shocked the college football world; Texas and Oklahoma announcing they would leave the desolate Big 12 for the greener pastures in the SEC. But don’t expect the […]

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The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – Texas Gets Held Up At SEC Security

With the breaking news that Oklahoma and Texas have both reached out about joining the SEC, fans across the country are already calling it a done deal. But with so much bad […]

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Explore If Slots Are Legal In Texas

Texas is the strictest state when it comes to gambling. The state’s penal code prohibits all gambling activities across the country. However, Texas City allows some bizarre sports such as dog and […]

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Blue Bell Ice Cream Will Make Its Return To Alabama And Texas First

If you love Blue Bell Ice Cream, and live in central and east Alabama.  Or you live in  Brenham, Houston, and Austin, Texas, great news!  On August 31st, Blue Bell Ice Cream […]

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Would You Sit Behind The Wheel While Someone Shoots An AK-47 At You

Well, they proved their point about windshield safety when the CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation named Trent Kimball sat inside the driver’s seat when one of the employees shot an AK-47 towards him.  I […]

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Music Thursdays: 40 Years Of Austin City Limits

Yes, programs on PBS can last for a very long time, just ask Sesame Street!  Austin City Limits is an American public television music program recorded live in Austin, Texas; by PBS, public […]

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Columbia Shuttle Disaster; 10 Years Later

I remember this well.  On February 1st, 2003; the space shuttle Columbia broke apart over the Texas skies while re-entering Earth killing seven astronauts.  The accident jolted NASA out of a complacency that had developed […]

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