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The Evening Post: Ranking Bottled Sweet Teas | Bless Your Rank

So let’s sum up this latest episode of Bless Your Rank, bottled sweet tea mostly sucks.  Matt from It’s A Southern Thing tries out several different brands of bottled sweet tea.  And […]

Learn More About The South’s Original Energy Drink

Before the days of Gatorade, which was invented in the south, there was a drink that is sweet, and tastes really good.  In fact, this drink is just as popular today.  The […]

Watch And Enjoy The Alabama Sweet Tea Taste Test

If you live in Alabama, you know that mostly everyone will enjoy a glass of sweet tea.  So, This Is Alabama brought in people to conduct a sweet tea taste test.  The sweet tea’s […]

Aspie Recipes: Brewing Your Own Southern Sweet Tea

People in the south love their sweet tea!  Sure, some people can not stand the sweetness of the tea.   But just about everyone in Alabama will drink sweet tea almost on […]

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