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Sunday Discussion: Can You Survive Without Sugar For One Week

So, if you were presented with a challenge that you could not eat any added or processed sugars for a week, could you and your family survive?  Think about it, just about […]

Music Thursdays: Maroon 5’s New Music Video Sugar

So, there is some controversy about the new Maroon 5 song “Sugar.”  Was the entire video staged?  Meaning, did the people at those weddings know ahead of time that Maroon 5 was […]

Sunday Discussion: Last Week Tonight Sugar And State Legislatures

This week on Sunday Discussion, I am posting something quick and easy, because I am working on something big, that I will put out on Monday, hopefully.  The videos are from the […]

Aspie Recipes: Chocolate Cake With White Frosting

For my birthday, I did not go out and buy a cake already made, or bought a cake mix and frosting already made.  Of course, I was going to make my cake […]

Aspie Recipes: Strawberry Pizza

It’s Summer time, and that means strawberries are in full season!  So last weekend, I made something with this delicious Summer treat!  How about making a pizza, with strawberries!  There’s no tomato […]

Aspie Recipes: Homemade Snow Cream

Every Winter, many parts of the country gets snow.  And enough snow falls that people can collect the snow to do a lot of things from building snowmen, throwing snowballs, building luge […]

Aspie Recipes: Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Here is another Christmas cookie recipe you could do.  Everyone should love chocolate!  Chocolate is a Christmas favorite and if you love chocolate, you will love this cookie recipe.  This chocolate cookie […]

Aspie Recipes: Making A No-Bake Strawberry Pie For Summer 2013

Yes, I made a strawberry pie before on this blog.  But I wanted to come back and make another version of this classic pie.  This pie involves no baking after your bake […]

Aspie Recipes: Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

I wanted to do a simple and quick recipe that I know you would enjoy.  Why not make some simple homemade sugar cookies with a cream cheese frosting on top.  These cookies […]

Aspie Recipes: Making A Fudgy Fudge Pie

So I wanted to make another pie for Easter Sunday.  And since my younger brother loves anything chocolate.  I decided to make a fudge pie.  The big difference is this pie has […]

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