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7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Alabama

Just off the Gulf of Mexico in the Southeastern United States sits Alabama, home of the Crimson Tide and Mobile Bay. Despite a long and rich history of American music, food, and […]

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Watch Someone Attempt The Rattlesnake Saloon Gigantor Burger Challenge

The Rattlesnake Saloon up in Tuscumbia has a food challenge you can participate in.  The 6 pound “Gigantor” Burger Challenge ($50) includes: A giant beef patty that weighs over 2 lbs. It […]

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Alabama’s Rattlesnake Saloon Is A Restaurant With A Truly Cavernous Dining Room

Post by Susan Swagler for Alabama NewsCenter The Rattlesnake Saloon, in a cavern under an enormous rock bluff in north Alabama, has been called one of the most unusual restaurants in the United […]

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