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See The Anniston Footage Saturday Night Live Used In Their Parody Video


Yep, somehow and someway Anniston ended up in a Saturday Night Live parody skit.  In last week’s show, they had a parody movie trailer called “God’s A Boob Man.”  Yep, that is the real parody title.  Obviously, this is a parody to the “God’s Not Dead 2” movie now out in theaters.  And in the first 4 seconds of the video, you see downtown Anniston.


So, the question asked was where did Saturday Night Live get the footage?  After watching SNL live, I had to think it had to be some stock footage the show purchased.  And after some Google searches, I was found to be right.  The show spent $575 for a 15 second Getty Images clip of overhead downtown Anniston along Noble Street.  The clip is from John Neff and some of the tags included in the video includes “small town america”, “American culture”, “gulf coast states”, “church”, and more.


WDNG reached out to NBC and Saturday Night Live and a spokesperson said the show was searching for a clip that had a ‘God’s Not Dead’ feel to it.   And the clip was just stock footage purchased for the show.  That’s the best 2 seconds for $575 ever spent!  Enjoy the skit!

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