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See How Your Toothbrush Became A Part Of The Plastic Crisis

We know we are facing a plastic crisis.  And your former toothbrush is a part of this crisis.  Think about it, the handle and bristles are made of plastic.  What does the […]

Trainscapes: Lessons Learned From Working On A Historic American West Railroad

I love trains!  So when I saw this video from National Geographic, I definitely watched it!  Nat Geo went out to the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad.  Traveling for 64-miles along the border between […]

Animation Monday: The History Of The Bible, Animated

  Just in time for Christmas Day, here is an animated video about the history of the Holy Bible.  The entire video was animated using clay, wire, and recycled paper.  And the characters […]

Trainscapes: Ride Along The Sahara Railway, One Of The World’s Most Extreme Railways

This short film from National Geographic was fascinating.  The video profiles the Mauritania Railway.  The railway is more than 430 miles long, and it  has been transporting iron ore across the blistering heat […]

Check Out This Video Showing The Benefits and Disadvantages Of Daylight Savings Time

Last weekend we turned the clocks back one hour for the end of Daylight Savings Time.  Even though there are some who hate the time change, there are also some benefits as […]

Did You Miss The Lunar Eclipse, Watch These Videos Instead

The lunar eclipse happened this week, did you sleep in or forget?  Don’t worry, I have some videos here for you to enjoy!  The first video from the YouTube channel Gian Masi is the […]

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